How I converted my rear indicators

This is how the car looked when I bought it. The rear lights were combined tail-light, brake-light and indicator, which is standard but not strictly legal in the UK!.

At first I had little Mini indicators fitted under the bumper.

Close-up view.

Then I decided I would prefer the indicators to be higher up...

...So first, I bought these second-hand lenses via a contact on the "Vintage Mustang Forum" and cleaned them up...

...then I set about cutting one lens off each set with a hacksaw blade. Here you can see the amber lenses that I had bought from a fellow MOCGB member (who made them himself).

I glued the amber lens in place with Araldite.

The metal bezels are stuck on with silicone RTV sealant.

For some reason the tail light buckets had been sprayed gold inside... I resprayed them silver.

I bolted on the indicator mounting plates (from the Mini units I had fitted before), and fabricated an aluminium divider. This is stuck in place with more RTV sealant.

Here I was about to test the first set of lights.

The completed left-hand assembly. Note the new rubber seal.

It fits! and it looks pretty good, I think.

The right-hand components, ready to assemble...

...right-hand side successfully assembled.

Testing in progress.

The finished article.

Night-time view of hazard lights.

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