Then and now!

2002 2009
  • Engine smoky and hard to start
  • Overheating problems caused by blocked rad
  • Incorrect fan shroud being fouled by fan
  • Battery tray and surrounding area rusted
  • Ugly wires (for radio and hood indicators) running all over engine bay
  • Battery hold-down missing
  • Carb accelerator pump diaphragm leaking onto engine
  • Cheapo washer bag
  • Engine rebuilt and repainted
  • New alternator and water pump fitted
  • Radiator re-cored, new cap and shroud fitted
  • Battery tray treated with POR15
  • K&N airfilter fitted
  • Ugly wires either re-routed or tidied away
  • Correct battery hold-down clamp fitted
  • Engine bay repainted with under-hood paint
  • Decals applied
  • Pertronix Ignitor II and Flamethrower coil fitted
  • Carb rebuilt
  • Correct washer reservoir obtained & fitted
  • Both battery cables replaced
  • Hood-to-cowl seal fitted
  • Moroso blue anodised rocker covers & air filter cover

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